The Frozen Lands

Seaward bound

Time to win over the hearts and minds...

After three days of resting and getting to know their new companion, a Snow Elf from the local area, the party sets out to start their long mission of winning over the populace of the surrounding kingdoms. They take a skiff south to the small town of Iontoo, a fishing and farming community, but on the way the Dwarf almost gets eaten by a sea creature called a Malasgrep , that ends up on the deck of the ship…where immediately the Elf encases it in ice causing it to suffocate, while everyone else attacks it. The ice shatters after many hard hits and then the creature dies from one more attack, the only thing to happen on the whole sailing trip.
They discover that this small town of about 2000 humans, and dwarves has a small issue with 3 Frost giants. After a night of rest and drink(mainly the dwarf and the Neanderthal), the group heads out to the west into the forest to find these giants. They decide to fly, using the Paladins celestial Pegasus mount for the Elven Wizard and the Dwarven Cleric, and the Raptorian Paladin flies, while the Neanderthal Druid shape shifts into an eagle. In a matter of hours they find the giants, all three sitting a clearing about to eat, when the Elven Wizard has an idea and tells everyone to fly higher and back…then he pulls out his staff and summons an Iceberg over the center of the giants, crushing them under snow and ice killing the three in a matter of seconds…*Jobs done!*



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