The Frozen Lands

Today's the day...

Starting back up

So In a few hours…I will be back in the DM’ing/GM’ing seat running a campaign I actually enjoyed with at least one old player from the game before(her character being Cy Cael Ael Eath) and one new player(small group huh), with a possible appearance(later way later) of another old gamer playing a new character…either way I am looking forward to getting this started, and with all the maps and other items at my disposal I know am able to fully get into enjoying this game as a story teller…we will be gaming till we get too tired , even if that ends up just being me and one other gamer by that time, so if your wanting to join us, watch or play please just let me know, here is my number 254-577-9897 text first with the words Obsidian Portal…and we will see what is to see. Throughout the night I will be posting updates on the parties progression of the session and placing more markers on the map that is up loaded at this time…



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