The Frozen Lands

So Far...

Just been playing since around 2pm this is an update durring book keeping and drink run

The adventurers have moved through the Legion occupied/held Capitol City or Kraisam, moving on down south on the island to scout out on rumors about some frost giants and their allies in the area…not even a half day out of the capitol they were ambushed. Four Frostfell men came out of the tree line and attack the party of three, only to find themselves slaughtered to all but one man. After interrogation of the prisoner and a relief troop of 1 Cleric, 2 Paladins, 5 Rangers, 4 Rogue/Scout’s and 8 Fighter’s arrives, the two groups set out to do a pincer move on the enemy’s confirmed location and the location of another set of Teleportation Stones, with the adventurers taking on the enemy encampment, and the troop heading to secure the Relic Stones…The party gets lucky and through proper planning and a successful ambush, as well as magical use of summoning spells, they successfully defeat one Frost Giant, three Frostfell, and capture one Urskan…



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