The Frozen Lands

New Players!!!!!!

Character creation requitments

New Players Only!!!!

This is for the new players so they know what they need to put together for a character in this campaign…
If you are an experienced player here are your options: Any class from the Players Handbook One, and any race(as long as good or neutral alignment is allowed) with your back ground being that you are part of the military arm of the kingdom sending ‘The Legion’ to the Frozen continent….this will also allow for half-dragons and dragon disciples as well as dragon kin and other such types from the Races of the Dragon book…NO DRAGON CHARACTER THEMSELVES ALLOWED!!!! Magic items and specialty items or gear will be taken care of on the first day you game with us…You are also allowed to make a native of the Frozen continent if you chose but then your choices come out of the Frostburn book only and you are to only make a 5TH or 6TH level character, no special items until you join us…

If you are a non experienced player(at least with D&D 3.5) then you will wait until the day you join us for gaming, come a few hours early, and we will sit down and make a character.



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