Sword of Oma

Bastard sword that is magical and handels like a one-handed sword

weapon (melee)

starts of standard damage for bastard sword adding the following;
+2 shocking burst bastard sword9critical x2)
+1D6 electric damage
on a critical hit +1D10 electric damage
sword is lighter than a bastard sword, and is weilded as a short sword(so one handed, all weapon feats that apply to bastard swords or short swords apply to this weapon

The sword is a silver and ivory encrusted handle with settings of three jewel’s(center saphire, outter two topaz), and old runes scribbed all the way down the balde and back.


Sword of Oma was created by an unknown now long forgotten race that once had a great underground trade capitol. This race made many great magical artifacts and items, all designed to combant one of two things, the undead, or snow-bound enemys. The sword of Oma was one of their simpler accomplishments, and was made for front line cleric, or comanders os small units the went on head front attacks. Its damage is great when weilded properly, and good when not.

Sword of Oma

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