Standing Stones of The Frozen Lands

Teleportation, or mass healing stone circles


Two options when useing stones:
1) Any magic user such as a wizard can cast a Teleportation spell into the center stone, causing it to radiate through out the ring and send those withing to the nearest ring of Standing Stones. To direct where they are going, if the nearest is not the one they wish to go to, the caster must one have knowledge of the locations of other Standing Stone circles, or two the ability to scry for the other locations, otherwise through default the Standing Stones will send the group to the nearest circle in the direction that the caster thinks of.
Any healer such as a priest can cast a healing spell into the Standing Stone circle and heal the entire group staning within the circle of the standing stones(only roll once and thats what the whole group gets each). For both of these abilities to work the caster must give up one other spell slot in addition for the initial spell itself, as to accomidate the use of others(this is only temporary as with the new day or memorization that caster gets all spells renewed as per books).
2) Any character able to read scroll magic can cast the healling or teleportation spells into the center stone for the same affects, though in this case it does not take up another spell slot, but instead takes 1 point of hp temporarly(heal as always, and no point taken for caster themselves) for each person affected in the cicrle.
IE: if Sam casts a healing spell from scroll on his fellow party members of 6, then before the healing takes place and as he is casting he loses 6 points of life, then the spell takes affect on everyone.

Small Standing Stones circle will accomodate only a group of up to 6, medium will be up to 25, and a large circle will accomodate up to 50.


Scatered around the frozen lands of Thyrimas are the Standing Stone’s. These Standing Stones of varying sizes, some small to very large, are located in old city’, sacered places, lost temples, and ruin’s all over the contenient. Some are in bustleing city’s, and sadly they have been forgotten so are nolonger used as they should be, others are hidden in deep dark caves were no-one has trode in centurys, others have been completly lost. They were used for mass healling or transport of groups, from small ones, to that of large combat units. they were used to quickly repell uprisings, rebellions, or send support to the outter ares under attack. The abilities for mass healing just by casting into them, or reading a scroll of healing made them sought after in the old days as places of rest for weary wanders. Now they remain mostly forgotten and very much lost, hopefully this newly awakened old enemy will not remember them…

Standing Stones of The Frozen Lands

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