Armor of Ber'Sesan

Blue Ice Magical Armor


+2 Blue Ice Scale Mail of Landing, weight 15lbs
Crystal of Arrow Deflection(least)
Scale’s are in the form of feathers overlapping each other
-Arrow Deflection: +2 Ac Bonus vs Ranged Weapons
-Landing: Ignore any Damage from the first 60’ no matter how far you fall, always land on feet if so chosen by wearrer


Created by an Unknown God of an old race, the armor is in essence design for the hazzards of being in the winter mountains, where one can fall quite easly, and very long distances, as well as the natural use of arrows of most other long range weapons, and the cominality of the Blue Ice armor, makes this combination almost perfect for one traversing any cold temperate mountain region. The armor is old enough to have survived the initial forming of the world, but not great enough to be anything more than good to fair magical armor.

Armor of Ber'Sesan

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