The Frozen Lands

The story so far...

Ok this will be quick as I am doing this rather late and well we have been playing this game for a few months(playing once every couple of weeks or so). Ok so the story is so far that in this world, that was kinda created by spelljammers(again long story can get into it more later) there are some established kingdoms on seperate Lands, with great seas between them. On one of these lands is a kingdome that is established through game play, with epic level characters, that has a military arm called The Legion. The Legion is nothing more than the organized forces under a ruling King and his compatriots, and is actually made up of several Legions. Now in the middle of these groups establishing their, shall we say superiority, over their newly aquired territorys, and their takening down of many a high level villian(maybe a god or two, cant remember), one of the Nobles(epic character) was approached by a curious looking blueish elf(almost kender in size) and a dwarf of unknown lineage. They had come to this conteniant to seek help in defeating an unmentionable evil that had amassed armies of orcs, warrior bears, frostfell men and frost giants. When the Noble, a half dragon sorcerer, approached the King he was ordered to send scouting party’s and then if possible a small contingent of soldiers. The halfdragon sorc did so sending 5 groups of different party members even some different races, to five different locations. All but four party memebers were eliminated prior to meeting up with the actual advanced legion forces that now occupy and defend a northern most city(one of only a handfull). They have fought giants, orcs, narowwly avoided a lich, fought a dragon zombie, frostfell humans, and some undead ice creatures. Now they are getting ready to move on out to their scouting mission but they need more comrades to join them.


The first scouting party consisted of 1 human marshal in command, 1 war forged dusk blade as second in command, 1 skulk rogue, 1 druid (cant remember race), 1 birdperson paladin. They landed in a small village during an attack of some 2-3 dozen frost goblins and orcs and 1 frost giant. The frost giant was quickly killed thanks to the warforged using his staff of fireball to inficlt horrendous damage in the opening attack. The party stayed there for several weeks to train a milita up to standard to assit once the legion had arrived. In the process they cleared a near bye series of caves of frost creatures and two more giant. In return for there actions several thousands orcs and goldins backed up by 20 frost giant attacked the small village in relation. In order to buy time for the villagers and other party members to escape, the warforged and marshall charged the enemy lines by themselves to hold the advancing army still. But sadly the villagers and other party memeber charged out the gates to help, mere moments after the two heros had sacrificed themselves. The current party consit of a human cleric, with a checkered past, an elf scout, and the birdperson paladin.

The story so far...

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