Welcome to the Frozen End of the world
This world was created by Old and New Gods with untold continents and landmasses(kind of like the Earthsea series), with many different kingdoms and empires embroiled in never ending wars for supremacy, law or greed. Many of the Kingdoms are concerned only with their own immediate areas of influence or the largest known rival on the scene, though one Empire, whose vast Legions are well trained and ever growing, has set it’s sights to unifying the rest of the good/unaligned kingdoms into a vast alliance to combat the evils of the world and bring peace and prosperity. They are the ones that have decided to listen to a strange dwarf, and elfish/halfling looking creature, begging for help from the Legion in dealing with an unknown ancient evil slowly taking over their lands, a frozen tundra of a continent. The Legion decides that the Sorcerer, Darasv Vorstrix Maekrix, shall send a few advance parties down to the continent to set up outpost and establish relations with the locals.

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The Frozen Lands

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